Monday, March 10, 2008

Thoughts at the end of winter

I can hardly be called a purist at anything. I am not political, I totally distrust statistics, and dig in my heels whenever anyone tells me what it is I should be doing. Morality, like love, is an evolutionary, dynamic force. Food is a moral choice, yes. But, what I love about food is its life, not its rules. I love that the French are really good at wine and cheese- that it is a huge part of their culture, who they are. I love the artistry that so many other countries celebrate in their food life, in their life together. Food is a daily gift, an agricultural ancestry. It is living history.

That is why I disagree with so many articles that call local food a trend. Eating locally is getting back to eating healthfully and appreciating the work and the time it takes to produce food. It is noticing what we have been ignoring- that which sustains us.


  1. I agree! Calling the local food growing and eating movement a fad makes me crazy too. Great, I suppose recycling is a fad too. How about growing energy conservation? If that's the case, maybe we can hope that idiot presidents will go out of style soon.

  2. I would also like to point out Bill Foster from Zed Cafe laughed at me when I asked him if he thought local/seasonal eating was a fad. He said something along the lines of "No freakin' way." I think the Europeans may be laughing at Americans as we treat good eating like another diet trend...