Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Restaurants we love

This is by no means a complete list of Richmond restaurants. We don't get out all that much, y'all. This is simply a sampling of our favorite places- place we where we go for their fresh food, great atmosphere and innovative style. By all means, let us know your faves and we'll try (to try) 'em out!

401 Strawberry Street
You can't beat it for carry out. The food is amazing. I love their eggplant parmesan so much, and their pizza and their arugula salad...

200 N. Boulevard, inside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
I love eating in a museum. Plus, their plates are pure artwork. And, Michael Shaps made a wine just for them. I love that too.

2110 E. Main St.
Favorite pizza place, 'cause they are wood fired. My other favorite dish is the 'perfect egg' on greens. They are also famous for their cream puffs, as they well should be.

203 North Lombardy St., Richmond
There is always something fun happening at Balliceaux- plus the drinks are well crafted, and the food is fantastic- comfort food with a twist. The building itself is gorgeous- you'll feel like you are in another town with the enormous windows open wide on temperate nights.

1501 Main Street
Good pizza (sensing a trend?), fun apps, some local ingredients, a great bar, and a totally relaxed atmosphere

1209 E. Cary Street
My mom and I had a lovely Christmas supper here last year, which, I will admit, is the only time I have been. Christmas dinner is a big one though, and they did a great job. I hope to go back- maybe for Christmas this year? Delicious, occasion- worthy food.

414 East Main Street
Small and cozy, Cafe Rustica is a lovely date place after downtown events. The menu changes seasonally, so the preparation is always fresh.

3120 W. Cary Street
I remember when this space was a bridal shop, and so am doubly impressed with their classy renovation (over a decade ago now, I realize). We have been known to play hooky to have a fancy 'ladies lunch' there, and love the classic french cuisine found right in the heart of Carytown. Their pastries and bread are so good, (so good) and are available for purchase- take some home the next time you are in.

411 N. Harrison
So busy, very lively and loud, I cannot stop ordering the penne with broccoli rabe. I cannot recreate this dish at home- not even close. So, everytime I get a hankering for it, I gotta go. Kinda want some now...

1223 Bellevue Avenue
Fantastic wine at great prices. Lovely fresh pasta- and it is in our neighborhood! The owner (Gary York, also of Coast) has been seen procuring fresh food for his restaurants at local farmers markets.

Harrison Street Cafe
402 N. Harrison Street
Amazing vegan and vegetarian food . . . not to mention fabulous coffee. And it's easy on the wallet as well. A winner!

917 West Grace Street
The go- to spot for innovative and classic vegetarian comfort food. The menu is constantly changing, and the basement location and high booths make for an intimate, yet fun atmosphere. I was there when I found out Michael Jackson died, and the staff played an all night tribute to the King of Pop. But I digress...

116 S Addison St
The coffee here is fresh and superstrong- just the way I like it! They also bring in amazing doughnuts from Country Time. Vegan friendly and super chill.

101 West Franklin st. inside the Jefferson Hotel
I have never eaten a full meal at LeMaire, but I'd love the occasion to! Of course, they have great bar food as well, easy and a little fancy. With drink specials every weeknight, including $5 Manhattans on Friday nights, why not go an sit on their orange couches and enjoy this historic hotel bar?

The Cellar Door
1600 Monument Ave
A cozy spot with Portuguese inspired food, this spot is the perfect date evening, rowdy night with friends and the perfect brunch spot with your parents.  Loads of vegetarian options, there's a feast for any budget.

The Roosevelt:
623 N.25th Street
This spot has that perfect atmosphere that is at once laid back and elegant, a great selection of affordable small plates in addition to entrees, and an impressive selection of Virginia Wines. Check out their brunch menu for delicious sounding bits like Local ricotta pancakes with brown sugar apples and maple butter.

2933 West Cary Street
I adore this place, and only don't go more often because so many other people love it too. Despite the potential crowds, Secco has the most fun with their ingredients, but is quite serious about their food offerings as well. Even your cheese plate will be well thought out, and will come complete with homemade jams and chutneys. I discovered my favorite (I said it!) champagne right there- at their bar. Everything is exciting here- the last time I went I sat next to the owner of Caramount cheese and had the best time hearing about her business. I think they appreciate when folks nerd out about food- one of their cooks is blogging about his adventures cooking in kitchens around the world! Love it.

Strange Matter
929 W. Grace Street
They're a venue, a restaurant, an arcade . . . oh my! We may love fresh food, but we need comfort food just like the rest of the world! Strange Matter has amazing guilty pleasures (vegan revenge, anyone?) and video games to boot. Color us intrigued!

506 W. Broad St
With dark woods, great bar, and seasonal fare, this place feels like a secret. All part of the charm.

901 W. Marshall Street
We love checking out what is new at this fun spot- brunch and dinner menus are always interesting and seasonal. I promise, it is worth the wait. Battleship, anyone?

The Magpie
1301 W. Leigh St
Cozy spot with inventive menu.  Self described as a 'gastropub', the execution is indeed delicious!

4019 MacArthur Avenue
Dinner only, this Northside spot is a favorite for the comfortable quasi European cafe atmosphere, the fantastic cocktails are created by the owner himself. We love the delicious and diverse menu, and have been known to walk blocks just to carry home their fabulous pizza!

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  1. Have you tried Olio or Fresca, both in the Fan? Two of our faves!