Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hard work And Inspiration

So I had the day off from work today, and in between the laundry and vacuuming and cleaning all those strawberries! and picking up my chickens from Avery's Branch and taking my dog to the vet...well you get the idea... I had a multitude of plants that still needed to get into the ground. Trouble is I don't have much cultivated ground left, and as a full time gardener I was a little grumpy by the end of the day from all that gardening! Not that I'm complaining! Sometimes though I just need a little reminder I why I love what I do, or why I do it at all.

I came home and found that in addition to watering in my new plantings I had also watered two whole unopened packs of beet seeds. The time I spent forced to put out these seeds left me doing a quite chore at a beautiful time of day. So I stoped and took notice of how nice even the faded chive blossoms look mixed up with the bronze fennel.

I also realized it was time to harvest some of my radishes from the front two 'fancy pots' at the entrance to my garden. These early summer pots are the perfect example of how to get the most out of a small space. Each tall pot contains two Red Leaf Lettuces and Two Butter head Lettuces. In the center of each I seeded in some radishes knowing that just as the lettuces started really filling in the space, the radishes would be ready to harvest. The radishes, which put up longer stems and then leaf out atop the lettuces are the perfect companion. I love it when things like this work out.

Finally, as I was photographing the lettuces and such ( having decided a post was in order) I glanced down at our pet dinosaur in his prehistoric succulent garden. It turns out that for a long time the people who lived here or in the adjacent property buried their trash in the yard...... or perhaps just some wacky kid who liked to bury his toys and the kitchen plates.. either way this little dino is one of many things we found while making our garden.

Not food related I know, but I couldn't resist. So now revived, by the results of work days past I feel ready for tomorrow... another day in the garden.

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