Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Group is Called Chickunz

Truthfully, I am fascinated about where this will lead us. What if your neighbors had chickens? Would it drive your dog mad? Would it really be so different than having a dog, anyway?

In any case, I am all for conscious freedom. And, I am all for having well looked after animals. There is a petition going around to legalize laying hens in Henrico. You can sign the petition here. Chickunz also has a Facebook page.

Every little bit helps choke the machine of industrial agriculture. Too bad I can't have both dogs and chickens...


  1. As someone who lived in the country and had chickens growing up, it's the smell that's the killer. So, I'm not a fan of my suburban neighbor having chix that I can smell 24/7.

  2. Dogs and chickens CAN work! But it's a gamble :)

    I love the rogue city chickens movement.

  3. I live in Portland, OR and we have 5 chickens in the back yard, our neighbors have chickens, our friends have chickens...hell, half this town has chickens. It is legal to have 3 non-roosters in the city limit before getting a $30 annual permit for anymore. In small scale backyard projects, chickens are rarely a nuisance to neighbors. In fact, they are a benefit as they attract other beautiful bird species and are a joy to watch! This town loves chickens and there is no good reason why others should not.

    The smell mentioned in another comment only comes from poorly kept chicken operations. Yes, chickens poop, but in a well taken care of situation this should absolutely not lead to a smelly situation. In fact, it should lead to a well fertilized lawn.

    Good luck RVR on the chicken front! I am excited to hear more as a Richmond native myself!

  4. Ha..this petition is funny..only because I live in Henrico just 3 blocks from the Richmond line, and my neighbors and myself already keep chickens. I, too, grew up on a working farm. We only ate what we raised/grew, so we kept A LOT of chickens. Our chickens didn't smell then, and my chickens out back don't smell now. Coops and chicken runs only smell if they're overcrowded, wet, or never cleaned out periodically.