Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Deals At The Lakeside Farmers Market

Last year a lot of us were worried about the success of Northside's Lakeside Market. As the 2009 season has rolled by, however, the Lakeside Market has only gained momentum, picking up more vendors and more customers along the way. I shop Lakeside's Wednesday afternoon market and have been really pleased with the selection of fruits, vegetables, and specialty treats like blended teas that use locally grown herbs. This summer there have also been meats, cheese, bread and eggs, but on a less routine basis.

Here is some of the wonderful produce and great deals I found at this market....

For $1, Twelve, count 'em Twelve small to medium, red, orange, and yellow bell peppers! This was not a pre-packed assortment, but a box of peppers that you could pick through and select which ones you wanted. I was the last person to get to these peppers and still walked away with a nice selection.

For $2, a pint of Sun Gold Cherry tomatoes.

For $1, a quart of super sweet Muscadine grapes.

For $2, a box of Sun Gold Tomatoes (seen in the large white soup bowl) from Blue Bird Produce.

For $2.50, a bag of new potatoes.

For $2.40, two large peaches from Agriberry. Also from Agriberry the pint of Blackberry which are delicious, but not necessarily a deal at $5.00.

For $4.00, three very large Brandywine tomatoes.

The spaghetti squash, yellow squash, and zucchini all came from Byrd Farm, and there was so much more I could have bought of course. If you haven't been to Lakeside Market recently and you live in the Northside area give it a try. I am positive you will walk away happy.

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  1. I wish they had a vendor for local meats.