Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Couple Quick Updates for Lakeside

Two of Lakeside Avenues food spots have undergone a major change in the last few weeks. First, after multiple overhauls the restaurant formerly known as The Fat Goat (previously known as Zed Cafe) closed its doors over Thanksgiving. The word is the owner is currently searching for a new location for the local food supporting, northside restaurant.
Second, the New India restaurant is now the Lakeside Sports Grill. Apparently, however, this restaurant is still under the same ownership, and you can still get Indian food via carry out! Interesting.


  1. In my experience (and that of others) the Indian food at Lakeside Sports Grill is not even a pale imitation of the former New India. I'm highly disappointed that there is no longer good Indian food in the neighborhood, but not incredibly surprised given how empty it always was.

    I'm sorry we never got a chance to check out The Fat Goat under its new name, too.

  2. "Under the same ownership" might mean different things to different people. I visited the New India very shortly before it became a sports bar, and the food was already a shadow of its former self. A new owner was, I believe, already in place; certainly a new cook was. Frankly, a perfectly decent (if not spectacular) Indian restaurant had become pretty crummy. It is too bad that no one seems to be able to make a go of an Indian restaurant outside of the West End -- but there are some there that are definitely worth driving to!