Saturday, March 27, 2010

Join the Faith Farm CSA

Brenda from Faith Farm wrote with this info on their 2010 CSA:

What is a meat CSA and why should I join?

A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. You have seen many veggie CSAs at our Richmond markets. We raise animals, and have seen the need for a meat CSA and would like to offer this year round to our customers. By joining a meat CSA, you are helping support our local family farm with a healthy and nutritious source of meat. You are allowing us the guarantee that our meats will be sold enabeling us to plan for our future needs. In return, you get a guaranteed a certain amount of meat at a discounted price. The most important part is that our animals are raised without all the hormones and antibiotics that have become a standard in the growing practices of “Factory Farms”. You can eat knowing that your meat came from animals that were allowed to roam pastures, eat grass, breathe fresh air and generally lead a happy life.

Are we organic?
No, We are not certified organic, nor do we plan on becoming organic.We believe in treating our animals humanely, allowing them to graze on our 95 acreas, breathe clean, fresh air and run and play all they want in the sunshine. We go as organic as possible on the feeds, but nothing is certified organic. We never use animal by products or any type of antibiotics or growth hormones.

What is in a share?
We will include most everything we sell. Eggs, Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Chicken,Pastured Pork, Honey, Amish Roll Butter, Goat Cheese, Jams, Noodles
Our shares will work on the debit system , each week the amount you purchase
will be deducted from your share. Members get the upfront discount as well as additional discounts for specials and opportunities for products not available to the general public.

Can I get anything I want?
Our CSA members will be entitled to all our products first. Realizing we process chickens April thru October, have a limited amount of steak cuts, (flank steaks, filets, hearts,tongue,etc) our pork is limited in tenderloins & chops our jams are produced seasonally… That is the reason, at this time, we will take only 50 new shares. We feel we will be able to fill your orders.

How can I become a member?
E-mail us at and let us know if you would like
To be part of our CSA. We would need a $ 100.00 deposit by Apr.1st.
And we will take only 50 new CSA members for this season
commitment, May thru August. Balance of $ 250.00, due by May 1st
May 1st 2010 – August 30th 2010 is the share term.

We do want you to be aware that any unsued portions may not be credited to another person or carried over to another date. This is a new venture for us. We will be as flexible as possible.
We will be at:
BYRD HOUSE : 3:30- 7:00 Tuesdays
BRYAN PARK : 3:00-6:30 Tuesdays
GREAT BIG GREEN HOUSE: 10:00-2:00 Every other Thursday
FOREST HILL 8:00 - TBA Saturday
SAINT STEPHEN'S 8:00-12:00 Saturday

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