Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farm Table event

Casey and I had so much fun with the members and administrators of the Farm Table last weekend. The RFC was invited to do a cooking demo at their member event, (at the beautiful Grayhaven Winery) creating the challenge for us to help folks see summer food in a new way. What could we make that these cooks have not seen a thousand times before?
Well, you should have seen the boxes of produce the Farm Table folks delivered for the demo- they were overflowing with cukes and melons and tomatoes and peppers! We decided to look at melon with new eyes, and Casey created so many gorgeous dishes, including:

A Savory Melon Salad

1/8 cantalope
1 tomato
1 cucumber, peeled and de-seeded

Juice from 1 lime
chop the fruits into bit sized pieces
Squeeze lime over everything- salt and serve immediately.

Another take on that is:
Corn and Melon Salsa

3 ears of corn, parboiled
Combine with
Finely chopped:
1/4 cup melon
1 tomato
1 jalapeno
lime juice

But, the star of the show was this gorgeous rustic fruit tart. People came over to the table like moths to a flame, just to ask us about this creation. Can you blame them?
Casey is an artist, so you know everything she does will be beautiful. Still- it was a stunning dish.
1 piece of Basic, no knead dough (yes, the very same dough used for 4th of July pizza):
Lay out:
thinly sliced peaches
Fold the edges of the dough over the fruit and brush with butter, cinnamon and sugar

bake at @400 degrees for 20 minutes
Eat for breakfast or for dessert.

Casey also made refrigerator pickles, sauerkraut and dilly beans with the veggies in the Garden Box from the Farm Table. Look for those recipes soon, as we experiment with preserving the harvest!

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