Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Collective: Characteristic of Individuals Acting in Cooperation

Thanks to Rachel for this lovely post on the new developments in the RFC. We are so glad you are all with us on this journey!

 There are five women in the RFC and we all eat differently. Have we told you that? Yep. We make different choices for the food we purchase and prepare in our homes. We've got it all: vegan, meat-eater, former vegan, former vegetarian, and vegetarian. And there are just five of us!

So, you might guess, we live differently as well. Some of us are moms, some aren’t. Some of us work an offices downtown, some don’t. Some of us feed a family, some don’t. Come to think of it, among us we manage an impressive to-do list! Combined, the RFC organizes households, full-time jobs, children, part-time jobs, and family-owned businesses. Woofty, we are a busy bunch of women, but we make time for food! Once a week we sit down to a meal together in one of our homes.We cook together; we
eat together; we talk food

What’s the secret? We all have something in common – collectively. We share a love for fresh food that is available locally. Hey, we love food (have we mentioned that before?)! With love and some curiosity, you can make anything. So this post is not about one recipe or another. But, instead, is about how rewarding to learn from others – to share food and ideas.

As a new RFC member, I found immediate gratification from our weekly dinners. I was instantly welcomed to the table. The kindness and hospitality was met equally by a rich exchange of ideas, techniques, and resources. We have become mentors and friends.

At our dinners we talk about what were learning, trying, and testing out. We talk about the successes and failures (maybe someday I’ll you about the time I made purple shrimp – eep!).
So, be curious! Go down the street and talk to your neighbors, call a friend, call a relative, next time you want to know how to make something. Another great local resource is to *talk* to the people at your farmers’ market. Ask them, “How would you prepare this?” We bet you’ll be energized by what you find.
Hey, I’ll do you one better. I’ll take the challenge myself. I’ll go to the market this Wednesday and I’ll ask the question. Of course, I’ll let you know what I find – please do the same! Cheers from the RFC!
RFC extends a big, thank you to Vanessa Rees for the great shots of an RFC dinner at Erin’s house! And, of course, heaps of thanks from Casey, Cat, and myself to Erin and Shannon for starting RFC and so graciously welcoming us to the table.


  1. It is so wonderful to know and work with you all! Looking forward to more good eats and more great stories...

  2. Well said Rachael! I'm proud to be amongst you ladies!

  3. A very nice and well written post! I of course love the theme of your group.


  4. Thanks so much! And what a great profile pic! That apple looks amazing! In fact just had my first apple of the season thanks to Agriberry; yum!!

  5. Thanks Rachel!! Tim.... I need to try some recipes from your summer cocktail series! Can you mention the link?!

  6. Shannon, Happy to oblige!