Friday, January 25, 2013

Aults Family Farm -shutting the farm down...

 Ault's Family Farm, one of our very favorite meat producers, has just sent out the letter below to those on their e-mail list.  So very sad to see them go...
Hey folks,
We wanted to bring you up to speed on what's happening with Ault's Family Farm. For the last couple years Chris and I have been working hard trying to make a living off the farm. Throughout each year we sit down and go over the books to see where we stand on profit and losses and if we are behind we rethink how we are running the farm and conducting business with our customers. As of the end of this year we are still in the red and the farm has not paid us a dime. We produced more this year than we ever have and had a record selling year. For that, we thank you. But due mainly to the increase in grain and gas prices we have decided to shut the farm down and just become a sustainable farm growing for ourselves until we can again rethink how we can make the farm profitable. We hope to ramp up our bee operation and increase our lamb and beef production.  We'll grow hogs for ourselves and may have a few extra to sell. So in saying all of that, we will miss you all and all of our fellow farmers and vendors. Stay tuned for future updates on the farm.  There may be a work shop or two coming up, lots of projects that we will be doing that may interest some of you. We may look into custom growing but for now just work, work, work and catch up on some of the things that need attention on the farm.
It is our hope for you all to have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2013.

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