Friday, May 2, 2008

South of the James Market

I picked this up from the "Hills and Heights" blog for southside.
posted by Phil Licking at April 7, 2008 1:59 pm :
(passing along info received from David Hathcock in Kathy Graziano’s office)
SOUTH OF THE JAMES MARKET UPDATE: The numbers are in from Council Member Kathy’s Graziano’s poll, and the results are clear. People overwhelmingly want a farm market in our area. In response, it looks likely that we will have a farm market in operation this year. The South of the James market, as it will be called, will bring the same expertise and contacts that have made the Byrd House Farm market a success. The market is scheduled for Saturday mornings, from 8 to noon, and will start the first week in May. It will be located at the end of New Kent Avenue and 42nd Street, at Shelter 2 in Forest Hill Park. It looks like more than a dozen vendors of fresh, locally grown produce will be selling, including Amy Hicks from Amy’s Garden, and Carol the flower lady from the Byrd House and the Thursday 17th Street Market. In addition, some growers who participate in Community Supported Agriculture will use the market as a delivery point for community partners. The market is not associated with the city government. The vendor is renting space from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities. The Market Manager is Karen Atkinson. She can be reached at 513-3100 or it has not been announced, it is understood that Fourth District Council Member Kathy Graziano paid for the rental space with personal funds.

If that is true about Graziano , that is very cool news.
other info...
In addition to the vendors mentioned above Victory Farm, Faith Farm, and 7 Hills Market will all be at the South of the James Market.
Hope to see you there!!

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  1. I finally made it to the South of the James Market and was rather dissapointed at the plethora of non-farm/garden oriented vendors. Candles? Macrame? Fancy wood bowls?

    That's for craft fairs. Give eaters a break..