Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strawberry Picking Clock is Ticking

For all of you who had your heart set on picking strawberries this spring this week may be your last chance. We are at the end of our area's prime strawberry harvest. A few of us from RFC went on Memorial Day morning and it seemed a great way to start this holiday. We wanted to check out Dodd's Acers Farm on Market Road in Hanover County. A friend of ours had been a few weeks before and thought that the farm may be organic. We are pretty sure this is not organic produce, based on certain activities we witnessed. Nonetheless, we had a nice drive and passed a cute produce and flower market and country store complete with cafe all nearby off Market St. I walked away with 7 pounds of strawberries for $10.50.

I froze some for future daiquiris, smoothies, pies, etc. That night we had chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert and thanks to a productive fellow harvester I also was treated to strawberry scones for breakfast!

We at RFC have not heard of any organic pick your own farms. Please let us know if you are aware of any or if you have any more information on this farm or your own favorite farm for pick your own fresh produce.

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  1. We went to Pleasant Fields Farm on Memorial Day. They are not organic (they use chemical fertilizer when they plant), but they don't use any pesticides on the strawberry plants.