Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Okay, so here is another very worthy forwarded message........
This sounds like an amazing opportunity for the right person who wants to learn and test their own skills at this very taxing trade before attempting to invest all of their own capital in buying or leasing land and starting from scratch.
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Farmer Wanted
I have been running a small CSA for the past three years and am now unable to continue it because of a shoulder injury that is going to require multiple surgeries and at least a year in physical therapy. I do not, however, want all of my hard work and the land that I have been working on to go to waste. Therefore, I am considering offering to the right person a creative and win-win relationship for us both.
I have the land, equipment and a waiting list a mile long for CSA subscribers (could just do farmer's markets and that would be fine). I also have a large library of farming books and an established relationship with the College of William and Mary for summer interns. I also have the tax id and established LLC to financially manage the farm. However, I do not have myself, which as I have discovered, is the wingnut of the operation.
The farm itself is small, but has an established 10,000 square foot bio-intensive garden with forty beds. This spring we put in a"postage stamp" farming tarp and irrigation system over a 150' x150' area. There is also a 100' x 40' area used for flowers and a 60' x 60' fenced in garden for herbs. The fields are irrigated by our own pond and pond pump.
We were Certified Naturally Grown last year, and we are associates with the Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics and also use their preps on the farm. Future plans included two miniature Jersey cows to go into the barn to supply us with manure. We also have a flock of free-range Arucana chickens whose pastel eggs are sold at a local coffee shop when we're not putting them into subscriber bags.
According to the book, The Rebirth of the Small Family Farm, this property requires two full time adults to care for it. So couples or business partner buddies would be best for applying.
If you are interested in farming this property, I am interested in helping you to make and keep whatever you sell as your income. My benefit will be that I will not lose my progress while I am healing.
If you know the reality of the physical demands of farming and are still interested, feel free to contact me at<>

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