Friday, September 26, 2008

Philly Orchard Project

I was lucky enough to be introduced to this amazing urban orchard website, which, in addition to a calender of community organized plantings of fruit trees in the greater Philadelphia area, also has an amazing map of all of the productive fruit trees around. They call the trees they highlight 'edible resources.' Cracks me up. My favorite is the mulberry tree marked 'Big tree, but big dog as well'. HA!

From the POP website:
The Philadelphia Orchard Project plants orchards in the city of Philadelphia that provide healthy food, green spaces and community food security.

POP works with community-based groups and volunteers to plan and plant orchards filled with useful and edible plants. POP provides the plants, trees, and training. Community organizations own, maintain, and harvest the orchards, expanding community-based food production. Orchards are planted in formerly vacant lots, community gardens, schoolyards, and other spaces, almost exclusively in low-wealth neighborhoods where people lack access to fresh fruit.

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  1. This would be such a great project to get going in Richmond! Public fruit would benefit everyone, including the cityscape.