Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29th at the Market

My fridge is jammed full. My wonderful mother sent me home this past Thursday with many containers of leftovers and the grand prize... the turkey carcass, complete with two huge drumsticks to make a great soup. Despite my full fridge, I felt compelled to go to my Saturday morning farmers' market knowing that we are almost at the end of our market season. I am determined to spend a nice chunk of the weekend cooking and freezing one last batch of prepared greens, and soups, etc in anticipation of winter.

The market was quiet. I usually go to South of the James on Saturday mornings and the mad rush, and the sea of shoppers had this Saturday finally given way to small bands of dedicated market goers.

What luck for me!
With time to chat with vendors, and mull over my choices I had a very nice time and walked out with everything I'd been hoping for. Here's what I got...

From Victory Farms...
1 Bunch Radish
3 Quarts of Green (and a few red) peppers @ $2.00 a piece
1 Bunch Beets with their greens $2.50
5 apples (cameo and granny smith) $2.00
1 large bunch parsley $1.00
1 bunch of celery $2.00?

From that very nice woman with the cider and the bread and the pies and the potatoes.... oh sorry, can't think of her name...she comes from Farmville, she says she is all organic and the cider is wonderful!
1 nice grouping of heirloom red potatoes (I think these were only a few dollars and the potatoes are red throughout!)
2 bunches of Carrots $2.50 each ( She says the carrot greens are great for soup making)
1 Bunch Beets $2.00 The greens on these beets were lovely and I cook them up like chard.
1 Bunch Radishes $1.00

From the No Wonder Bread Man
1 Rosemary Focaccia
1 Semolina Baguette

There is still several different markets left around town in the next couple weeks. In additon to the items listed above, the vendors still had boxes of sweet potatoes, herbs like rosemary, sage etc, kale, collards, lettuce of all kinds, swiss chard, white potatoes, several types of apples, asian greens, scallions, meats, pies, homemade preserves, cheeses, and breads sweet and savory.
Seven Hills Catering is also offering beautiful boxes of fancy chocolates created by the owners son who I believe went to New York to learn the art of chocolate making.

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