Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Green Grocer in Richmond

At the Bryan park market on Tuesday, I was joking with Charlie Collins of Victory Farms about how crazy he is to double the size of his farm next year to four acres. Where was he going to put all of that produce? He told me that he and Gina are looking for a spot in the fan as a green grocery. How exciting is that? The Collins' are having a bit of trouble getting a permit for a building because many places in the fan do not have adequate parking spots for a store. Which is sad and ironic in a place with actual sidewalks, but exciting news none the less. We'll keep our ears out for more details.


  1. And in this economy they are going to try and compete with Ellwood Thompson, Ukrops, Whole Foods and Trade Joes? Not sure that's such a smart business move at this time. But, who am i?

  2. I wish them all the luck but I wish someone would put a green grocery store in the lakeside or mechanicsville area. Everything is downtown or in short pump.

  3. That would be awesome, I would go there in a heartbeat! They have wonderful produce & are just great people. I wish them good luck.