Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yoder Dairy to close

Thanks to one of our readers for alerting us to this story, which details the closing of the beloved Yoder Dairy in Virginia Beach. Richmonders were able to get delicious Yoder milk and cream at Ellwood Thompson's, in the classic and reusable glass bottles. The closing of this family run business makes the case that it is our support of these industries that keeps them alive. Don't let this happen to something else you love.


  1. I work for Ellwood Thompson’s and buy many of the local products for the store. I personally am very saddened that we are loosing companies like Yoder Dairies. There are no other Local dairies for us to buy milk from, most of the farmers that produce hormone free, grass fed, free range, dairy products sell to companies such as Organic Valley and Horizon making it impossible to ensure as the consumer you are buying local milk. We have found a Pennsylvania company to fill the void of Yoder Dairies, “Natural By Nature” http://www.natural-by-nature.com It’s a great company and at least regional by Ellwood Thompson’s standards which defines local as within a 100 mile radius. Another great alternative unfortunately due to VA laws Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market cannot sell is milk from Avery’s Branch Farm, which offers a cow share for raw local milk. You can check them out here: http://www.averysbranchfarms.com/gpage1.html

  2. What about Homestead Creamery in Burnt Chimney, Virginia? Kroger sells their milk...

  3. Check out South Mountain Creamery from Middletown, MD...www.southmountaincreamery.com, as they are now deliverying to Yoder's customers!