Saturday, November 28, 2009

Egg Rolls For Breakfast?

We just got back from a very brisk outing to the South of the James Market. My husband and I were both super hungry so we finally decided to try the egg rolls sold there as breakfast/ lunch fare. With a toaster oven hooked up to a small Honda generator, and four flavors of egg rolls ready to go the warm, crispy and portable treats were looking pretty good. At a dollar a piece we tried one each shrimp, chicken, cabbage, and tofu. I asked no questions about how she made them or where the ingredients came from. I just ate. I'm no egg roll expert, but these were the best egg rolls I've ever had.
Spring roll wrappers are used instead of the usual thicker egg roll casing. For the cabbage egg roll the cabbage was mixed with carrots and apparently pickled. Slightly spicy and tangy the cabbage was delicious with the sweeter duck sauce served on the side. Same goes for the salty tofu egg rolls, made simply of wrapped, fried tofu. The chicken egg rolls were my husbands favorite. We went for two of those, and while I also loved the chicken I think that having one of each was perfect.
This vendor will be at South of the James next week for what is supposed to be the last Saturday of the season. A renegade market is being planned, but the details are not yet determined.

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