Friday, January 15, 2010

Top Vegan Products of 2009

Label readers, celebrate! Vegan Action posted the favorite vegan products of 2009 contributed by their members and supporters. Check it out!

2009 Vegan Favorites for the Web

Primal Strips vegan jerky, Tree Huggin Treats candy bars, and Wizards Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
- Krissi Vandenberg (Vegan Action campaign director)
Soyatoo! Rice Whip and Liz Lovely's Cookies
- Alanna Wiggins (Vegan Action supporter and former board member)
Veganaise, Silk Yogurts (especially blueberry), Soy Boy Raviolis, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar cookbook
- Alyssa Murray (Vegan Action board member)
Health is Wealth Buffalo Wings, Sweet N Sara's Smores, Boca Chicken Patties( the all natural and spicy ones aren't vegan), Smoked Tempeh Strips, back to Nature Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blenheim Ginger Ale
- David Phinney (Vegan Action volunteer)
Field Roast Wild Mushroom sandwich slices, Soy Delicious coconut milk soy yogurt, Veganrella mozzarella flavor soy cheese
- Nick Bergheimer (Vegan Action supporter)
Smoked apple sage Field Roast grain meat sausages, Galaxy vegan grated cheese alternative, Tofitti cream cheese, and Gimme Lean soy sausage, Purely Decadent chocolate coconut milk ice cream
- Erin Waldoch (Vegan Action supporter)
Pizza Fusion's Very Vegan Pizza, Trader Joe's house brand oreos and UFOs
- Leslie Sanford (Vegan Action board member)
Rice Dream Mint frozen ice cream pie and Lush Ultralight face moisturizer
- Erin Wright (Vegan Action supporter)

For more info on the great work that Vegan Action is doing around Richmond (including great recipes), click here.

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  1. Great list. I'm glad I found this link via twitter as I didn't even know that the Vegan Action Group existed. SO AWESOME!!!