Sunday, January 17, 2010

Urban Foraging in the 2010

Thanks to my friend Jonah who pointed me to the RVA blog Buttermilk and Molasses for news of a new app for your iphone. Use the app to find the closest public fruit trees to your current location! I was going to (eventually, one day) create a map of the fig, mulberry and other fruit trees around town, but now that seems so terribly old school. Now I think I'll just grab my friends with fancy phones (you'll love it, guys!) and go a huntin'.

Here is the info from the Neighborhood Fruit Website:

Find Fruit unlocks cities, enabling you to explore in new ways. Instead of being trapped in the concrete jungle, this app is your key to the edible urban forest! Find Fruit helps you find fresh fruit growing down the street and learn more about fruit trees.
Location of thousands of trees on public land nationwide on a standard Google Map.
Current location or zipcode/address enabled search.
Directions from your current location.
Configurable fruit tree search by seasonality, type of tree, proximity, and number of trees displayed.
Usage, description and factoids for all available fruit types, ranging from the pedestrian Apple, to the exotic Yellow Mangosteen!
Beautiful and informative illustrations to help identify the fruit.
Intuitive and fun interface!
iPhone OS2.0 or later

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  1. Talking edible plants... I enjoy checking out the Plants For A Future website. It is an amazing database of plants and their uses be they medicinal, food sources or otherwise. Charts describe on a scale of one to five each plants edibility or medicinal potential. Interesting stuff.