Friday, February 5, 2010

Michael Pollan, Oprah, Food Inc., Chipotle, And More

So if you haven't heard, Michael Pollan has written a new book , Food Rules. I didn't write about this sooner assuming that for those of you who are already reading this blog Food Rules ( a condensed, simply and smartly stated set of rules based on his two previous books) would perhaps be old news.
However, this new book is getting a lot of press, valuable press for those who care about the health of our food system. This week Pollans new book received good press in a NY Times article that was apparently one of the most e-mailed articles from The Times. You can read the article Here. Last Thursday Pollan appeared on Oprah to discuss the basic tenets of Food Rules. The episode started with a seen from the film Food Inc. that featured Michael Pollan among other important players like Joel Salatin. Oprah implored to her viewers to watch the film, read Pollan's book, and make up their own mind. To that end Oprah offered a discount through Amazon for anyone who would like to purchase the DVD of Food Inc. A Code given at gives you a discounted price of $9.99. Just click Here to read all about this episode and then scroll down to the Food Inc. on DVD" link. It's on Amazon with out the link for $10.16 at this time. If you think you know all about Pollan and Food Inc. already, you might be interested in the portion of this episode that featured the founder of Chipotle discussing his efforts to use fresh, local produce as well as meat that is more humanly raised.

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