Sunday, February 14, 2010

Your Carbon Footprint

Measuring the carbon footprint of a product, company, country, or even of an individual is just one way to gauge its impact upon the environment. More recently, those calculations have been an effective way to showcase the need for change, or improvement of existing practices. One short article in The Guardian highlights the impact these calculations can have on corporate practices, as well as the complexities of figuring just how much weight these figures should be given when we look at the larger picture and take other important measures into account.

Our friend Jonah sent us the link to an interesting site that allows you to figure the carbon created by anything from your last dinner party to that new pair of kicks you just had delivered. The site, called simply SourceMap, enables producers and consumers to create maps of the supply chains involved in any sort of everyday products. Taking the dinner party as an example you could map everything from the spot where each product was grown, to it's transport to the grocery store or farmers market, your travel to pick up the ingredients, and even the travel of all of your dinner guest. If this all sounds like to much for you then you can simply check out the results posted by corporations like Levi, or organic milk producers. Click Here to check it out.

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  1. we're looking to partner with some regional food associations to pilot some new features on Sourcemap - let us know if you'd be interested in mapping your farms and farmers' markets