Monday, May 17, 2010

Community Viability Specialist Jonah Fogel -This Wednesday At Tricycle Gardens

Jonah Fogel is the Community Viability Specialist for our region. He help start The Richmond Area Food Systems Council. He has played an important role in the development of many a farm, business, lecture series, farmer's market, well you name it and he's knowledge and hard work has likely played role. Check out his lecture this Wednesday May 19th, and put your money towards a good cause at the same time.

From the Tricycle Gardens E-mail........
Ecological Policies for an Ecological Age
Guest: Jonah Fogel-Government policies play an important role in fostering technological innovation and economic growth. How can local, state, and federal policies help encourage sustainable development? How can trade agreements, farm legislation, and transportation policies support green business practices? How do we create a business model that rests firmly on ecological principles, including concern for long-term growth and sustainability? TG Headquarters, 7-9pm $20

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