Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cooking with Fire

A couple of weeks ago, I got to go camping at Crabtree Falls with some (thankfully foodie) friends. After a glorious drive, on which I had no idea where I was, nor where I was going, I found that my lovely friends had set up camp by a stream. You can't imagine my relief upon my arrival- a tablecloth! Wine!
Turns out, we had each brought the essentials- olive oil, cutting boards, biodegradable soap, paring knives. And lots and lots of food.
When cooking with fire, it is important to have a plan. Or lots to drink. I had both.
Veggie skewers and Twin Oaks Tofu with skillet cooked polenta. And wine.

Skewers were soaked in water (thanks to a very forward thinking member of our party), tofu was oiled and herbed, and everything was well tended.
I didn't take photos of breakfast, but there were cinnamon rolls heated on the gas stove, coffee and omelets with leftover veggies and cheese. Well loved, we were. So, that was my bougie camping trip- the last one 'til the summer creeps back.

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