Monday, April 4, 2011

Interesting query on Richmond Community Garden Initiative

We got an email from a reader who is new to Richmond, wondering how to get in on one of the new city designated community garden plots. She writes:
From what I understand on the website it seems that a group first needs to apply to manage a site and then individual gardeners must apply for a plot with the managing group (right?).

I thought I'd ask if you know of any groups that have applied to the Parkwood or Leigh street gardens. I'd LOVE a plot....just need to make the right connections!

The reader contacted the city to clarify the process, and here is what she found out:

The website will say who has permitted out the property and a contact number for that garden once it’s all been approved…right where you look at them now. Its all automated with is good because it probably would get out of hand with all the requests! We’ve got a group interested and working on permitting the Parkwood site.

So, if you would like to have a plot in one of the new city gardens, act fast!

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  1. Cool, nice to know. I'm really excited to check out this project when I'm back home. I'm so excited for our wonderful city!