Friday, June 10, 2011

Shannon's Recipe Demo at The St. Stephen's Farmers market

Last Saturday I did a short recipe demonstration at St. Stephens Farmer's Market using only produce from this lovely market. It was so much fun, largely due to all of the great people I met. Some "fans" of the RFC came out to the demo, and I couldn't have enjoyed meeting them more! We got to meet "Relucent Reader" who then sent us the recipe for squash and kohlrabi empanadas!

Here I am with RFC readers Ushan (above), and Matt (below). They are both doing so many exciting things from canning parties, and neighborhood gardening projects to working for The Farm Table!

For the demo I just wanted to highlight some lesser known produce, as well as different ways to prepare produce that people see as so very common. I talked briefly about cooking radishes, and their greens. I prepared my raw zucchini salad, (thanks Kir), and went on a bit about beets.

St. Stephen's Farmers Market shoppers and staff consider the kohlrabi....

For the zucchini salad I used oregano from one of the lovely plants for sale by Eli's Greens. The generous folks at Frog Bottom donated a basil plant for me to pluck leaves from. The perfect baby zucchinis, the radishes, and the kohlrabi all came from Warsaw Plants (below). Thanks so much guys!

Look for more recipe demonstrations from different fresh food lovin' cooks at St. Stephen's Market this Summer!

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  1. Looking good! I have my demo coming up on June 25th. Any tips or words of advice feel free to contact me!