Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday cooking is pretty dope

We were so disappointed when we had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner out of town because of a sick baby (she's all better now).  But, it gave us so much time to play in the kitchen.  Which was awesome . . . but has resulted (a bit unfortunately) in so much food that it feels like we are still eating Thanksgiving dinner a week later.
radishes, brussel sprouts, greens, turnips . . . oh my!

Not that I'm really complaining, although it has jumpstarted my need for a good exercise routine (do late night sit-ups count as a routine?).

The biggest excitement of the whole holiday weekend is that I made a lasagna and it involved making tofu ricotta!  So deceptively easy and yet, I feel so fancy having done it!  Check it out:
I made that!!  I made that!  And it tastes pretty grand!

Like that crack in my plate above?  I promise that I'm working on updating my "food showcasing tools" i.e., plates!  In fact, as part of that goal and my goal to do my holiday shopping locally, I am heading out to purchase some locally-made pottery this weekend.  My buddy Alex made pretty much every nice serving piece I have and I am heading out to his Tree Hill Pottery sale this weekend to get me some more!  Come check it out if you can.  It's a great time and you get to see a really cool kiln (how many times have you heard that?)!

Tree Hill Winter Pottery Sale
6765 Osborne Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23231
Saturday and Sunday (12/3-12/4) from 10-5

And how about the rest of you?  Did anyone else make something they were particularly proud of for Thanksgiving?

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