Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Broadfork Farm

I have been traveling quite a bit this summer, trying to meet as many Little House vendors as possible, and also trying to see as much of this beautiful region as possible before I am at the store all day, every day.  I had only heard of Broadfork Farm because of their biodynamic practices, gorgeous produce and tasty bread.  This farm is only in its second year, but boy to they have some fans!
Dan and Janet and their youngest
Dan and Janet moved to Janet's childhood home in Chesterfield county, cleared several acres, and now farm year round.  They even grow salad mixes mid- summer and mid- winter, along with several plantings of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and other tasty veggies.

Their whole front yard is full of flowers for market!
 Their farm is so neat and impressively productive- especially considering that we visited at the end of the hottest July I can remember.  I loved hearing how they incorporate the biodynamic calendar and preparations into their growing practices, making this conscious farm beyond organic.
We ate okra straight off the plant!
Plus, Dan and Janet are super fun, making us wish we could return for one of their pizza parties around their wood fired oven!  These industrious folks are building a second, larger oven because demand for their bread has gotten to be so great.  I cannot wait to try it.
Janet and the Malabar spinach
You can get beautiful produce, flowers and bread from Broadfork Farm at the South of the James and Brandermill markets through October (and hopefully at Little House Green Grocery, whenever it opens!)


  1. Great feature. Broadfork has become one of our favorite vendors at SOJ. We particularly like their carrots and little red onions.

  2. Thanks, Erin and Jess, for visiting and sharing your thoughts and photos here. We really love providing great food for our community (because we love eating it too!). Very excited for this collaboration together! Thanks again.

  3. Good Health HerbsAugust 2, 2012 at 8:36 PM

    Great article. Good Health Herbs LOVES Broadfork Farm, and Dan and Janet, and their children, and their okra, and tomatoes, and bread, and, well, you get the idea!