Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sub Rosa Bread

Sometimes you meet someone whose work and sense of purpose is strikingly humbling.  Evrim Dogu has the kind and centered countenance that I have long admired and find inspirational.  But when I visited his bakery the other day, I was truly humbled.  Sub Rosa bread has been around for years, available by subscription, and is soon to be served at its own bakery in Church Hill on the corner of Jefferson and 25th.  The conscious decisions, direction and relationships come together to make Sub Rosa bread extraordinary.
This is Evrim and his oven
So much of Evrim's new bakery itself is crafted, which suits the quality of his bread.  This gorgeous oven is made from bricks which were originally the chimney of his Church Hill building.  The bricks were hand cleaned by Evrim, and the oven was built by a local craftsman.  It is a beauty!
Beautiful Austrian mill
Since the bakery is still under construction, Evrim's mill and mixer are in a side building down the street.  Evrim is experimenting with heirloom wheat grown locally- Turkey Red is in trials at Deer Run Farm in Hanover.  This hand crafted mill can sift it into finely ground flour for bread or semolina for other baked goods.
Instructions for wheat grinding

The mixer
Evrim lives above his shop- a perfect setup considering baker's hours.  He invited us up to taste his bread and some lovely rye shortbread, which are both absolutely incredible.  The bread is complex, with such great texture, and the rye was so nutty, it is no wonder he is so excited about the way the flour trials have come together.  I can't wait until the bakery opens, but in the mean time, I believe that Evrim is still managing a subscription service.
Evrim's kitchen
Check out Sub Rosa's Facebook page for updates on the adventures of opening a food biz in RVA!


  1. Thanks for this post! My friends and I are counting down the days til it opens

  2. We are coming from Washington the day it opens. A rare find. Can't wait.

  3. My brother, a chef in Richmond, brought me to Sub Rosa over the holiday break. The experience of the most amazing coffee and the best chocolate croissant I've ever had was simply a gift. Truly, an ethereal treat.