Saturday, March 28, 2009

Musings on the objectivity of food choices

My friend went to pick up her packet for the 10k last night, and came back with a card for Dominion Harvest, a company which will deliver a box of fresh produce to your DOOR! This is truly amazing for busy folks who want to eat well, but do not have time to shop well. The website does not have specific information on where the produce or the flowers are grown, but it does promise a 100 mile radius for its producers.

The draw of such a convenient assurance is huge for someone like me, and hearkens back to the time where milk was delivered daily. I am not sure why that practice stopped- perhaps we each got cars and wanted more control over our food choices. Yes, I romanticise that time, but feels right to know that we are getting back to these simple practices.

I have friends in Alexandria who get 'the box' delivered weekly, and I think it has made their cooking more adventurous. Think about it- if you are already in possession of a bunch of greens and some Japanese turnips, you will find a way to use them, whereas if you go to the store you might just pass these items by.

Farmers' markets seem to me to be a great transition between the vast amount of choices offered in the grocery store, and a more subjective experience. Someone, hopefully the producer, will be there to tell you why an item is good, and what to do with it. Personal, seasonal and local shopping. I can't wait for the season to begin!

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