Friday, March 13, 2009

Richmond Homegrown -- Garden Barter Network

During the Tricycle Gardens volunteer meeting last week, I found out about another grassroots gardening effort going on in Richmond. It's a Facebook group called Richmond Homegrown -- Garden Barter Network. Chris, the creator of the group, hopes to set up "A network of local, small-scale vegetable gardeners in the Richmond area interested in bartering their harvest with other growers." On the Facebook page, Chris says, "One member may have grown too many tomatoes, another may specialize in peppers - they barter! No money exchanged. Members can then enjoy a variety of foods, waste is minimized, and people are encouraged to grow food for themselves and a community of like-minded gardeners." Sounds like a great way to meet other people interested in gardening in the Richmond area, as well as trade for some great produce you didn't grow yourself. Chris also hopes to encourage people to trade seeds or plants. Offers are already up on the group message board! The success of these kinds of groups is very dependent on the number of people involved with why not join?

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