Tuesday, July 14, 2009

End of a Era for Local Grocery?

With rumors running around about Ukrops going up for sale!!! I can't help but have a knee jerk "Oh No!" reaction to the Richmond family owned business changing hands. Ukrops of late has not been all that I remember from childhood, none-the-less it still has better service than most other grocery options around town. If I could just figure out how to make that awkward walk out to the car with the bagger a little less, well... awkward. Here is a link to The Richmond.com page. They have a link to the industry info. Word is Harris Teeter is interested.


  1. Maybe they will now be opened on Sundays ans sell alcohol, like the rest of the grocery stores in the country. Wow, entering the 21st Century nearly 10 years in would be GOLD!

    Thanks for this exciting news!

  2. I have managed to mention Ukrops a surprising amount of times on Lost Art of the City, but only once in any detail. I like Ukrops, but they closed my location last year. Jim Ukrop was kind enough to comiserate with me during a stone cold phone call. I'm not sure how many millionaire businessmen would do that with a complete stranger.

    I hope Ukrops adapts. I like good customer service and get a kick when they walk me to my car, not that I need it. It's just fun talking to the kids who work there. To protect their customers and employees they should start opening Sundays and sell beer and wine. They are good for the community and it would be a loss if they are sold.

  3. My only question is Why do people shop at Food Lion? Their stores are a dump, they are rude and their meat and produce is the worst in the area.

    Ukrop's has the best customer service, period. That alone is worth my business.

  4. It's unfortunate that we're now in a time when saving a few pennies (explaining the Food Lion patronage) matters more than customer service. As reported, they're putting out a prospectus to gauge interest. Doesn't mean they have to sell.

    However, with profit margins down (not just in grocery), a company like Ukrop's that does take care of its employees has more to lose than a national chain.