Sunday, July 12, 2009

ZED Is Now The Fat Goat

Just a couple of weeks ago I returned to Zed Cafe' on Lakeside ave. for lunch. The menu was loaded with locally grown seasonal items priced affordably. My friend and I ordered different sandwiches so we could each have half. We enjoyed our lunch... we both had left overs to bring home and we each paid about ten dollars. Also the service was perfect. While there I was admiring the small chalk board by the bar that listed the local farms the cafe purchases from.
Well, Zed has once again given itself an overhaul right down to it's name.
Now called The Fat Goat the restaurant is still serving up local ingredients and a selection of wines from 'boutique' wineries, but now they also offer a new menu highlighting Virginia produce, hand-pulled mozzarella, and house-made sourdough pizzas! They have also added what the owner describes as "creative cocktails" to their drink menu.

The Fat Goat opened for business on Friday, July 10th.
Check it out for dinner, or for brunch either Saturday or Sunday.
* * *The Fat Goat5109 Lakeside Avenue
Contact: Lisa Granger 804-261-5656



  1. Thank you for posting this. I drove by there yesterday and thought I saw a name change.Does the place still have the same owners or did that change along with the name?

  2. So is it also ooen for dinner sat and sun?

  3. Doesn't matter how many name changes, chef changes,'ambiance' changes this place makes. Same owner, same issues...

  4. Check us out on Facebook! The Fat Goat!

  5. Same owner same problem... I cannot agree more.

  6. While Zed Cafe was not without its problems (I'd had both wonderful and terrible meals there), I wouldn't really count their restaurant inspections as one of them. If you check out their "critical violations", they're more along the lines of "coffee cup in prep area" or "opened beverage with screw-type cap"... not exactly scathing.

    I will keep an open mind... thinking of giving it a shot tonight. Living in the Lakeside community, I feel somewhat obligated to try and support whatever non-fast food options that open up around here.

  7. i work at the fat goat. never before have i been so inspired by the hard work and dedication of my boss. and the chef is a genius.

    we are open for lunch, dinner and brunch. ever had a breakfast pizza? we've got 'em!!

  8. do they still have tomato mozarella and basil paninis?

    and sweet potatoe fries???

  9. YEs, hand-pulled motz and heirloom tomatoes - the sweet potatoe fries are also still on the menu

  10. It seems they have gone out of business. What happened?