Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food Inc..... A Must See

The RFC attended last nights special viewing of Food Inc. at the New Movieland Cinema. The sell out crowed (Go Richmond!) seemed to be in agreement that this is one thought provoking film that raises questions everyone should consider. Based on comments made during the panel discussion that followed the film it seemed that for some in the audience this film was a real eye opener, connecting the dots between industrial food production's treatment of animals, workers, farmers, the land, and our own health. Please, don't take my word for it. Watch the film and see what you take home. It also raises interesting questions about big organic verses local. In the end it felt like the whole room had in some sense become a community connected by some new sense of awareness. Props to Food Inc., all those whose hard work landed them on the post movie panel and Whole Foods for that.

PS.. A second hand rumor/scoop, now third hand, told me that Movieland will only show Food Inc. through this Thursday unless the ticket sales remain high. If you interested in seeing this film and would like to share the audience experience, the time is now!

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