Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting the Most Out of Your Meals

NPR has been devoting a good deal of attention to food related issues this summer. One piece on the July 27th broadcast of Morning Addition discusses the need to incorporate fat into your vegetable dishes in order to absorb the nutrients contained within. It also holds some surprising information on microwaving. Click Here to read the transcript or Here to take a listen.

The above story was followed by one one on the issue of food safety that starts off with the startling statistic that 75 million people are made sick by contaminated food each year with 5,000 deaths resulting. Focusing on the FDA's inspection of imported foods, ( They inspect 7,000 of 190,000 imported products each year), as well as the need for at- home vigilance when preparing food. This particular piece emphasises safety practices like cooking all meat and eggs thoroughly, and rewashing salad greens, and so doesn't directly raise questions about the potential benefits of stepping outside of the industrial food system, but instead focuses on safer ways to work within that system. Click Here to listen.

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