Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Polyface at St. Stephen's

Check out this article in today's Richmond Times Dispatch on Polyface Farm and the Market at St. Stephen's.

"The Grove Avenue church's market is the only one in Richmond to carry Polyface's goods. In addition to purchasing the farm's goods without ordering them in advance, shoppers can learn about Polyface's unconventional farming methods.

Wright says Polyface, famous for its sustainable agriculture stance, was a natural addition, as other vendors like Frog Bottom Farm make up this rapidly growing market, bringing fresh produce to town with the support of the community.

"Polyface has great products, samples are given and they let people know there's a difference in flavor and consciousness," Wright said. Up to 25 vendors participate on any given Saturday, and as families and neighbors come on foot to mingle and buy, the market has become a weekend family outing.

Polyface is known for its unwavering defense of local farming against industrialized farming practices, even sometimes refusing to ship their products for ethical reasons. You won't find just eggs, bacon and chickens at Polyface, but also educational materials to encourage awareness of the source of their products, the farm and their buying clubs."

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