Sunday, April 11, 2010

Asparagus is Back!

Everyone is always asking us when asparagus will be available... Well, it's here! Last week we received an e-mail from a reader who said she had "scored" some at one the renegade markets around town (Blanchard's coffee on Saturday morning, or Byrd House on Tuesday evening?) Last week was also the first week of my mother-in-law's CSA with Olin-Fox Farms, and she had a lovely batch of asparagus for Easter dinner.
This week Elwood Thompsons has asparagus as well. If I remember correctly it was from about 70 miles southeast of Richmond. By the time I came across it yesterday the heads were looking rough as they had become dried out and somewhat fallen apart. Still, I snapped the stalks, using the "no pressure method" of course, blanched them, and then quickly sauteed them with olive oil and garlic. They were delicious, and hopefully I can enjoy naked and nearly raw asparagus this week as the Fall Line Farms Co-op has an abundance of fresh picked asparagus for it's members. When it rains it pours!

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  1. Anne from Agriberry just let me know that she'll be at St. Stephen's with asparagus on Wednesday, April 14 from 4-7! Come see- 6000 Grove Ave.