Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Book: The Town That Food Saved

For those of you who read Barbara Kingsolvers Animal, Vegetable, Miracle you might remember her summer vacation trip that took her to Hardwick, Vermont. This small town was built on the granite industry. When that industry shifted to China the town floundered. Kingsolver introduced readers to a family that built first a diner and then a meat processing plant just to preserve one the remaining sources of income for local residence, farming. Her description of the diner that was started in this small town just to provide an outlet for the goods of local farms was truly inspiring. Filling, fun, locally grown, and prepared hot meals for just ten dollars! Where is the Richmond version of this place?!
Now there is a new book by journalist, and Vermont farmer Ben Hewitt that tells the story of this towns revitalization and the vital role local and artisanal foods played. Check out The Town That Food Saved. I just started reading my copy this morning, and it promises to be a great read on the subject of local food and it's importance to our health as individuals and our communities.

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