Saturday, January 8, 2011

Broadview Ranch Offers A Sale On Pork

I did a post about Broadview Ranch a good while back after having met Lee at a small gathering of Slow Food Richmond members. I have to say that I have not yet purchased their products, but Lee left a good impression. If you would like to check them out and learn more about them now might be a good time. Here is a portion from their latest e-mail.

"Place Your Order for January 15th-16th Delivery
Its good to know you are wanted and quite a few of you have sent emails prodding us for a sale. They say the customers is always right so lets have a sale! You need to be quick about it because we will take orders until midnight on Thursday, January 13th for deliver on next Saturday and Sunday - that's next week. (Sorry DC we can't make it up there this time).

Pork 15% off!!
This month we are having a sale on all pork products. We have a lot of hogs that we are carrying into the winter following a fantastic acorn crop and we need to see some return on our efforts. Show us your appreciation with a big order. "

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