Saturday, January 22, 2011

Souther of the James Market

Just a short bit ago I got back from my very first visit to to The South-er of the James Market. Dang it was cold out there. Temperatures hovered at 20-21 degrees as I headed out around 10:30 this morning. Winds whipped about. Burrrr.. No one was going to be there, I was sure, but I wanted my Pizza Tonight kit dang it.
As I approached a view of over a dozen tents started to warm my heart if not my hands. A large sandwich board marked the parking just off Forest Hill Ave heading east towards West Over Hills. Two dozen or so cars were neatly parked in rows despite the lack of markings. People, actual people were coming and going from the market. As I approached I saw some of my old favorites, Aults, Thistledown, Grammy O's as well as the Snider Bros. Bus, fresh hot coffee, dog treats, Faith Farm and more. A large bonfire sat a blaze in the middle of the large gravel lot. Vendors and customers alike lingered there to warm up finger tips and chat, probably about the cold.
It was all worth it. I got my pizza kit, and met Victoria of Pizza Tonight, as well as the author of one of our favorite blogs Onion Cloute. There were plenty of fresh eggs, meats, jars of homemade soup, sauces, bread, carrots, apples, as well as some crafts. Thank you to all those who with stood the cold to share their wares. I'll be back for certain.
Open from just 10am-12pm each Saturday through April.

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  1. Man it sure was cold - next time, I'll be wearing more than one pair of socks...
    It was so nice to see you - thanks for braving the cold for your pizza kit. I can't wait to here how you like the pizza! Cheers!