Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cooking Spring

Cooking, as gardening, as life, can be like magic.  In the blink of an eye my gnarly, sodden radishes, just plucked from the earth become gleaming, hot pink and green  bits of edible beauty.  Okay, maybe that's a bit much for a radish slice, on the other hand that's pretty much how I felt when first cutting into our 'Watermelon Radishes.'  Look at that little green "rind"! 

This night I came home from a hard day at work, with piles of greens and veggies sitting stubbornly in my fridge like some kind of challenge.  I was tired, and at first I opted for avoidance. I opened a can of tuna and planed  to just make some of my spicy tuna melts.  Then, I remembered that recipe for kohlrabi chips, and decided that they would be great with the melts.   I poured myself a glass of wine, an important first step, and voila just like magic was inspired to start cooking.  With about five 8 foot long rows of salad greens growing in my back yard, having salad was a no brainer. 

Matt helped wash the greens, and make the salads.  Butterhead lettuce, red romaine, radishes, sheep's milk cheese, and Norwood Cottage baguette was a meal in itself.  We were rockin' out to some David Bowie,  and having a nice time.  In the oven with the kohlrabi chips I put some beets to have later in the week.     
 David Bowie Beets ready for take off

We sauteed some fresh baby squash from the market with onions to have on the side, put together our melts, and took our plates to the t.v. rewarding ourselves with a classic flick (okay, it was Superman II a la Christoper Reeves), and some very full bellies. 

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