Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Tour

I love seeing people's kitchens, I think it tells you a lot about a person. The RFC has been wanting to give you guys a sense of our kitchens and how we use them, so I thought I'd take the lead....
There are certain things that always live on my stove top. Two sizes of cast iron skillets reside beside my big ol' dutch oven which I use for everything. My fancy "weekend" coffee maker which never gets put away, and of course the kettle - used daily.
Ok, I have a thing for little jars and containers. These tins I found many years ago fit perfectly into my spice cabinet (a repurposed hotel key keeper.) They are perfect for bulk spices and keeping things fresh. I'm not always a tidy person but I admit to finding a tremendous amount of pleasure from this cabinet- everything in it's place... and alphabetical!

So, ceramics is my other love, (besides this food stuff) and I like to make most of what we eat on.

The mugs are a growing collection from potter friends, so nice to grab a mug made by known hands.

Back to the container love, I keep most of my dry goods out in jars on open shelving. Everything from rice to quinoa, nuts, raisins, seeds and oats live there. This makes it easy to menu plan and see what's needed.

Stool so little hands can help.

Beside the stove live more essentials: olive oil, pepper grinder, sugar, bowl of garlic, shallots and ginger and my honey.

And in the center of it all the island, which is essential to every part of our day. Breakfast lunch and dinner table, art project table, reading and writing, whining, fussing and spilling, singing and laughing- it all happens here.

So, fellow RFC ladies, show us your kitchens...

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  1. Fantastic Casey! I do love your Kitchen, always so full of activity. Envy for the stove top (It's next on our list), and your lovely mug collection.
    I'll happily give a tour of mine.... open air washer and dryer included. :)