Monday, March 12, 2012

New Virginia CSA!

Just got word of this last night from the folks at Sprout Richmond:

The Richmond region is blossoming this spring with yet another new CSA… here are some words about Crumptown Farm straight from the source...
“Crumptown Farm is the place naturally good food calls home! We are a small, family farm located in Buckingham County, the Heart of Central Virginia. Our land is 100% chemical free and our produce is raised from non-GMO, chemical free seeds in our own greenhouse. All of the seeds that we begin with are either untreated or Certified Organic. We select many Heirloom varieties as well. We are passionate about bringing our customers Certified Naturally Grown vegetables of the highest quality possible. Our methods include soil enrichment by encouraging microbial life, Japanese Natural Farming techniques, cover cropping and providing beneficial insect habitat. Taste, freshness and nutritionally rich produce grown using natural methods are our main goals.”
To learn more about Crumptown Farm and how to become a member,  visit
Sprout Richmond is an all volunteer food advocacy group and consultant service that is committed to the growth and success of local, sustainable, artisanal farming & food production serving the Richmond, VA metro region.

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