Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let it grow!

I have heard a lot of folks say that they stopped growing cilantro because the window to use the leaves  is so very short.  The plant does bolt quickly in our part of the world, and the leaves taste different after the flower stalk goes up- not so tasty.

I have (in my lazy gardening) come across a lovely discovery!  Let that cilantro grow!
Cilantro flowers

There are three reasons for this:
One- aren't those flowers sweet?
Two- if it self seeds, you will have cilantro as cilantro in the fall.  (And if it never freezes, you can harvest the leaves all winter!)
Three- If you harvest the seed, (which for some reason changes the spice's name to coriander) you can use it to add perfumey elements to indian, middle eastern and mexican foods.  I toast it with cumin seed, crush it, and keep it on hand to add to anything I'd normally use cumin in.

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