Sunday, April 1, 2012

Olio: Local Lunch

When you are working downtown finding fresh lunches sometimes can be a challenge, but I have a go-to steady: Olio. Olio’s first location is the Fan, but now they have a spot downtown and a food cart (food carts are my new obsession, but more on that later!).

Located in the lobby of the GRCC building, the downtown Olio location is hidden from plain sight, and is a smart re-purposing of a space that appears to have once been a cafeteria. But, this not cafeteria food, I assure you.

Olio’s deal is they combine old world products and local options. I say, "Yum!" The downtown option sticks to that concept. The menu mainly consists of salad and sandwiches, things that you can grab and go. All their sides are made daily. They even have local OG chicken. Now, come on, that's pretty dope.

They have a salad bar that’s available daily, complete with local options, fresh fruit, dolmades, and various and sundry bean-based salads. In fact, I looked at the menu and there are over 13 references to locally-sourced and/or organic foods. Two thumbs up, Olio!

In their cold case, they have little cups of protein and pasta for your enjoyment. I love this idea. I like to get a combo and toss them together to make my own invention. For instance, on Friday I went for garlicly kale, organic chicken, and cranberry cous cous.

And for those days that beckon a coffee-bump + a sweet, they have freshly baked cookies and an espresso bar. These cookies are tasty, let me just say. Note: the espresso bar is open from 7am - 10am.
So, downtowners, go and give Olio some love! And if all this isn't reason enough, if you are a state or federal employee they'll offer you a bit of a discount...come on, this is pretty grand. Enjoy!

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