Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Introducing Little House Green Grocery!

Guess what, y'all?!  We are opening a neighborhood green grocery!

After years of working with farmers markets and studying food policy, (and out of my own desire to feed my neighbors) I finally found someone crazy enough to take the leap with me into the world of retail.  Even with all of the roadblocks put up by permits and the details of commercial real estate, my partner Jess and I have been buoyed by the unwavering support of our community. 

Our vision, quite simply, is to feed our neighborhood well.  Little House Green Grocery will offer customers a convenient, neighborhood source for locally produced foods, fresh produce, grocery essentials, and a limited selection of prepared foods while providing a community atmosphere through events and classes. Though we don't know the exact spot yet, we do know that the grocery will be located in the neighborhood of Bellevue, which has a reputation of supporting small businesses and progressive causes. Our vendors and our neighbors are really excited, and so are we!

Ultimately, we want to make this model adaptable to other communities in the city.

Our website is still fairly basic (we are building it ourselves to save cash, but welcome your tips and ideas!) but our Facebook page is pretty lively.  Check 'em out for the play- by- play as we move toward our opening in the fall!

To add to the adventure, we have entered a local start-up competition put on by i.e.* with a prize of $10,000. The public is asked to vote on the contestants May 30 through June 1. There are 143 contestants, so we need your vote!  Please save the date, tell your friends, and vote for Little House Green Grocery. We will use the funds towards our start-up costs.  If we get into the top ten finalists, we will get a billboard (so we hear) and great exposure, which will be invaluable.

We will be starting a Kickstarter campaign soon- we love what crowd sourcing has done for local projects!

Also, if your favorite food producer is looking for a new outlet, please send them our way. The vendor agreement is on the website, as well as our contact info.  We are particularly looking for four season farmers and locally produced pantry staples.

Thanks y'all!!

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