Saturday, May 12, 2012

RVA Food Truck Court: Friday Night Delight

Last night my husband and I found ourselves with only $26 dollars left in our entertainment budget. We have big renovation plans for our home this year, and are saving our pennies. But, what can you do with $26 bucks? I'll tell you. Go to the RVA Food Truck Court.

The court is held at VA Historical Society on select evenings. Right now the schedule is as follows: Tuesday, May 15, Friday, May 18, Tuesday, May 22, Friday, May 25, Tuesday, May 29, and Friday, June 1 (weather permitting). You can get grub from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

We had the best time with our $26 bucks, and even had money left over to stop at Sweet 95.  The court was hoppin'. Full of people, pups, babies, and kidlings. The only down side is we didn't have space in our tummies to try everything. But don't you worry - we'll be back. Here are some of the highlights.

First, Sustenance. This truck focus on local, organic, and whole foods. The menu offers yummy sandwiches and other picnic friendly foods. Look at the local offerings!

Other RVA favorites were present, like CrossRoads Ice Cream & Coffee and  Pizza Tonight.

After several laps, Rob decided to have the Tofu Ban Mi from the Rooster Cart. He agreed I could have a bite, so I lapped the court again.

The sandwich was a hit, simply yummy and very generously sized. Having spent only $9 bucks for the sandwich and a drink, I went to find my grub and I settled on tacos. No surprise, tacos are one of my most favorite foods *ever*.  The tacos from Boka didn't disappoint.

We tried the Asian and Mexican tofu tacos. Yum!

With happy bellies, we packed up and headed home, but with a stop at Sweet 95.  Did you know that all their ice cream is locally sourced? It is - from Homestead Creamery.

So that was our evening. We spent less than $26 bucks and had a delightful time. I promise to share more thrifty finds as we continue to save for our home renovations. In the meantime, get to the court, you won't be sorry you did! Enjoy!

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  1. Love it! I always get the Rooster from the Rooster cart- must branch out. And I have been missing Boka- I used to get one asian and one mexican taco for breakfast at the farmers market every Saturday. Mmmm... Can't wait to hit the food truck court again soon!