Saturday, August 30, 2008

New market to open for 2009 season

The Market Umbrella is excited to announce a new Farmer's Market to open next spring in Bryant Park. This will be an afternoon, weekday market, featuring some of your favorite vendors from the South of the James market. There will also be two 'Holiday Markets' this fall, one in November and one in December. Check out Style Magazine this Wednesday for more details.


  1. Coming from an advocate for local food and and avid supporter of local farmers, bakers, and other local purveyors this might sound crazy, but I really don’t think this market is a good idea. I agree with the comment above - why create competition for two thriving markets? The location is not likely to create new business, rather take business away from the Lakeside Market and possibly Byrd House.

    What about local growers? With the ever-increasing interest in locally grown/locally produced foods, Richmond is experiencing an interesting challenge - there aren’t enough growers in the area to supply the city’s demand for local produce. And while some farmers have been able to ramp up growing this year, they are still small operators and can’t tend crops and staff multiple markets simultaneously - another reason 17th Street is failing.

    I’m all for more markets, but they should be in areas that don’t compete with other markets and shouldn’t be launched until there is enough supply to handle Richmond’s growing local food demand.

  2. Thank you Lesley, and I completely agree with you. We definitly need market managers who are working together for a greater common goal.