Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love Northside.

Lakeside has gotten lucky. We have the best Indian food in town (yes, I said it) and the best in locally sourced fare. New India is a family owned, cheerful place on the northern end of Lakeside Avenue, with the most amazing Indian food I have ever had. I even took my father there, who is,( I don't think he'll mind me saying,) a total snob when it comes to Indian food. Even he could not stop gushing about it. It is that good. Get there.

I have been to the Fat Goat now three times. I had been to Zed often, and was quite enamoured of its commitment to sourcing their food locally. But the Fat Goat surpasses the ideas of Zed, gracefully and finally.

My first visit, I had the date, apple and arugula salad and the four cheese flat bread. The individual components of each dish were gorgeous on their own, and they fit together so well. I loved the food so much that I went back the very next morning for brunch. We were greeted by flat bread dough which had been deep fried and sugared and called something delightful like Zappoli. These were followed by the best omelet I have ever had, with fluffy eggs, chives and local goat cheese. Plus, there were sweet potato fries- so very right.

Tonight, we closed the place down. After swooning over the possibilities on the menu, I had the beet salad with blue cheese dressing and the oyster mushroom flatbread. We were so inspired, we stayed for dessert- white peach cheesecake with local goat cheese. Very, very, delicious.

Support your local restaurants- they are so worth having around!


  1. Confused...is Fat Goat the Indian restaurante?

  2. I have had great food at New India. I'm glad you like it, too.

  3. New India is the Indian restaurant, located at 5516 Lakeside Ave. The Fat Goat is fresh American cuisine, located at 5109 Lakeside Ave. and at www.thefatgoat.com. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. see how ross posted my comment and you did not?


    so much for progressive locavore intersectionality with free speech--hey because when someone agrees with you, it's speech, and when someone doesn't and hoists your ignorance up by it's own petard, it's verboten!


  5. Mr. Nagalingam,
    I did not delete your comments because you disagreed with me- we welcome any constructive comments. But, petty and mean spirited jabs are not productive nor are they in the spirit of this blog.

  6. hardly 'petty' or 'mean-spirited' but rather 'satirical' and 'lengthy.'

    When the burn is long-lasting, as I know too well, the content is forgotten and tender feelings rule the day.

    blogging is, admittedly, the offering of severely unqualified observations on a number of things--and a good blogger will celebrate the days when they are corrected, no matter the tone.