Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Agriberry at St. Stephen's

From our friend Anne Geyer at Agriberry:


Agriberry "Sleigh" of favorite Apples to

St Stephens Wed. ( Oh and broccoli too )

Ok Agriberry fans- the weather is looking wonderful for Wednesday's evening market at St. Stephens Church on 6000 Grove Ave.! Your favorite apples-Honey Crisp, plus Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Fuji Apples to mix and match by the peck- For $20 a peck or six pecks for $99! How about having them in the wooden peck basket too? Add a ribbon and you have a super last minute drop off holiday gift!

Pickup from 4pm til sold out... or 7 pm.

Oh and Apple Cider too...think of holiday time mulled cider or freeze in serving size zip bags for winter/spring smoothies...

Yea Locavore fans, Yea Agriberry , and Yea Apples!

p.s. Farmer Chuck Geyer, picked Broccoli before the snow for us too...winter veggies are great!

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